˝Why do the people act like animal? When does the instinct take control over the reason? Does it make any sense to ask such questions right now?˝ Jake assumed while cutting the big grass and moving forward through the jungle in western Papua. ˝I should stop thinking about them now. If I behave, nothing can happen… Probably… Crazy grass…˝ he stopped for a while and sighed. He was exhausted from a long trekking and the night was approaching to fast, compared to his speed. Still, the finish line ways miles away.
˝I don’t think I should go further˝ he thought ˝but it is still not that dark, maybe if I go for a mile more…˝ and he continued walking.

˝Compass doesn’t lie…˝ he said to himself ˝I’m still heading north, so I must be on the right path. It’s dark already˝. He decided to set his tent in a place that seemed safe.
As he was lying in it, he thought of  Lotti who is in Vienna, hopefully still waiting for him to come back from his one man’s adventure in Indonesia and he was cursing his idea of being alone on that one man’s adventure. A part of him hated that adventure, but there was this part of him that simply loved him. ˝I will make it through that one week and then I’m back, Lotti…˝ And he fell asleep tired of the journey.

She approached him in a yellow summer dress, her beautiful brown hair was floating in the wind. She kissed him, he kissed her back. They made love so tenderly, white sheets soaked their bodies, it was perfect, it should last forever.

And then something cracked outside of his tent. Jake waked from his dreams and grabbed his boot knife.  He carefully sat and tried to step out of the tent silently. ˝What the… ˝ a little girl ran from the tent, Jake ran after her trying to catch her. It was senseless.

Eventually he stopped and looked around. The girl was gone. ˝Silly man, Jake! Trying to catch a little girl, obviously a native? Why the hell would you do that, idiot! And in which direction is the tent?˝ He was turning around for a while, trying to realise, where he is. His sense told him to go left. He just walked a hundred steps. Nothing. He went back for a hundred steps and chose another direction.

Again. A crack. Jake turned around and saw an arrow, pointing at him.

˝And now I’m dead…˝


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